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Gorey Guardian

A COUNTY Wexford primary school has taken High Court judicial proceedings agains ...

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Children are coming home with their end-of-year reports - but these do not always explain their attainment levels to parents.

So if a nine-year-old is assessed as working at Level 3c for maths, is that good news or not?

Some school repo ...


Sunday Tribune

By: Claire Byrne

Batt O'Keeffe: you do the maths

Having been through a week where two ...

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See also Principal's right to allocate classes - an excerpt from David Ruddy's Legal Diary in Issue 31 of Leadership+.

Source : Irish Independent

Why Catholic schools still have a role in our society
By Dr Leo O'Reil ...

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NEPS service has been withdrawn at short notice and without explanation from 29 primary schools (5348 children) in South Dublin. These schools have been told they can avail of the commissioning service for assessments (SCPA). The eff ...


Includes a 'work experience agreement' form that the student signs.

See also Supporting Each Other (IPPN/NPC publication) which is very helpful for schools looking at setting up a parents association or fine-tuning the worki ...

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