Edposts20161 is Ireland’s No.1 site for education sector vacancies.  The site was established in July 2002 to reduce the burden of cost of newspaper advertising placed on schools by offering a free online alternative.  Since then, tens of thousands of education vacancies have been advertised on the site.

Benefits to schools and teachers

  • Free of charge to all primary and second-level schools and job-seeking teachers alike
  • Facilitates the placing of ads by Boards of Management – a simple and straightforward ‘Advertise a Post’ step-by-step process that does not require advanced IT skills
  • Automatic emails and text messages sent to teachers who have registered their interest in particular types of vacancy in specific counties
  • Standard application forms are available in the Resources section of
  • There is a facility for schools to seek a partner school to 'cluster' SEN resource hours in order to appoint shared teachers
  • Next day advertising facilitates the efficient appointment of qualified teachers to vacant posts
  • Facilitates the advertising of all types of staff vacancy, including Special Needs Assistants
  • Busy message boards and forums where thousands of teachers interact on a variety of professional issues daily.


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