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IPPN has a membership of more than 6,000 primary school principals and deputy principals. When planning your marketing strategy bear in mind that, as their professional body, we are a trusted choice with strong channels of communication to our members. As well as being the decision-makers on purchases for their schools, our members fit within the AB demographic group market in their capacity as consumers.

In our recent member survey, principals and deputy principals told us that they are significantly more likely to consider purchasing from a company they have seen in Leadership+ magazine or encountered at Education Expo because of the support these companies show to IPPN.


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School Suppliers 2021

IPPN School Suppliers Guide is a valuable resource that will provide you and your staff with a comprehensive list of quality school suppliers for the start of the school year. This list is comprised of our event exhibitors, who help IPPN to deliver our Annual Principals’ Conference each year, along with other IPPN member services.  

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Education Expo - Ireland’s largest education trade event and a unique opportunity to meet nationwide customers in one location 



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