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If you are a principal wishing to advertise your substitute position with TextaSub, please proceed with the disclaimer below.

If you are a job-seeking, primary-qualified teacher and would like to register to receive TextaSub text alerts about sub work in your county, please visit EducationPosts.ie and edit your profile to sign-up for TextaSub.

How to advertise a Substitute Teaching Post


I understand that TextaSub is not a recruitment facility. It is an advertising service which IPPN provides to facilitate the short-term recruitment of fully qualified, Teaching Council-registered primary school teachers. It is to be used for substitute vacancies of 24 weeks or less c.f. Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure 2011 (Appendix D, Section 2.2.1).
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I understand that IPPN and TextaSub are not responsible for the integrity of data provided by personnel registered with this service.
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I understand that it is our (the school/employer) responsibility to verify the identity, qualifications and suitability of substitute teachers. In any case where there is doubt, substitute teachers must be required to provide the necessary evidence (1-6 below) for verification and suitability checking.
  1. A copy of their teaching qualification certificate
  2. Teaching Council registration number
  3. Vetting Disclosure (Circular 31/2016)
  4. Statutory Declaration Form & signed Form of Undertaking (Circular 31/2016)
  5. Photo identification e.g. driving licence or passport
  6. PPS Number
  7. Contact details of relevant recent employers for independent reference checking
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