12 December - TextaSub Is Being Replaced

We are delighted to announce that the new Sub Seeker short-term substitute teacher service, developed in a joint collaboration between IPPN and NAPD, will launch at 10.00am on Thursday 12 December, at which time TextaSub will be withdrawn. More than 500 primary and post-primary teachers have already registered for Sub Seeker. You can continue to use TextaSub until 10.00am on 12 December so there will be no break in service to schools or to substitute teachers. If you have not yet registered for Sub Seeker, please do so now. Click here for more information

How to advertise a Substitute Teaching Post


I understand that TextaSub is not a recruitment facility. It is an advertising service which IPPN provides to facilitate the short-term recruitment of fully qualified, Teaching Council-registered primary school teachers. It is to be used for substitute vacancies of 24 weeks or less c.f. Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure 2011 (Appendix D, Section 2.2.1).
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I understand that IPPN and TextaSub are not responsible for the integrity of data provided by personnel registered with this service.
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I understand that it is our (the school/employer) responsibility to verify the identity, qualifications and suitability of substitute teachers. In any case where there is doubt, substitute teachers must be required to provide the necessary evidence (1-6 below) for verification and suitability checking.
  1. A copy of their teaching qualification certificate
  2. Teaching Council registration number
  3. Vetting Disclosure (Circular 31/2016)
  4. Statutory Declaration Form & signed Form of Undertaking (Circular 31/2016)
  5. Photo identification e.g. driving licence or passport
  6. PPS Number
  7. Contact details of relevant recent employers for independent reference checking
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