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TextaParent.ie is IPPN's online group texting service for schools, clubs and groups. 

It is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to contact parents and staff that is far more convenient and cost-effective than photocopied notes, letters or phone calls. 

TextaParent.ie enables schools to communicate by text message or push notification direct to parents' mobile phones.

It can be accessed online from anywhere, making it the perfect tool for notifying parents of last minute changes or emergencies.

TextaParent.ie allows you to instantly convey messages such as:

  • Emergency Closure of School e.g. pandemics such as swine flu, bad weather
  • Last minute changes e.g. cancellation of sports day
  • Celebration announcements e.g. victory in sports final
  • Timetable change e.g. early closing for staff meeting.


  • an IPPN service
  • No set-up costs or monthly standing charges
  • Send a single or group text message
  • Schedule a message to be sent at a later date/time
  • Store name & mobile contact information
  • Gaeilge text message compatible
  • Monitor school’s usage with instant reporting system
  • Online payment facility.Winner CDMA

Benefits of TextaParent.ie:

  • Communicating by TextaParent.ie takes much less time than preparing a note
  • TextaParent.ie enables schools and Principals to instantly communicate with all of the parents/guardians in your school and with other groups e.g. staff, Parent Association, Board of Management
  • TextaParent.ie costs less than photocopied notes
  • Key messages should be given to parents in paper format. TextaParent.ie can be used in such situations to make sure that parents/guardians actually receive the note which was sent home
  • The service guarantees that your essential message is received
  • You are not depending on a young child to deliver a message to parents as it goes directly to their mobile phone.



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