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To identify COVID-19 as the hazard and outline the control measures in place to deal with this risk.

All schools will need to have a Covid-19 Response Plan in place in order to reopen safely in the new school year.

This is a draft Covid-19 School Response Plan that has been prepared to demonstrate to schools the nature of a Covid-19 Resp ...

COVID-19 Guidance for provision of the Home-based Summer Programme to Support Children with Special Educational or Care Needs

In accordance with the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” issued by the Government, all employers are required to prepare a COVID-19 Response Plan. This applies to all BoMs

The following items are covered:

This allows each Staff Member to pre-declare their fitness to return to the school workplace. It should be filled in on-line and returned to the Principal 3 days befor ...

The purpose is to:

  • inform all School Leaders of the DES current actions on preparing schools for the adoption of Summer Provision
  • introduce the School Covid-19 Response Plan
  • inform School Leaders of the DES Procuremen ...

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