Re-opening Schools- Latest Updates

EducationPosts - New Noticeboards for Summer Provision has created and launched two new noticeboards to assist teachers, SNAs and parents with Summer Provision 2020. These noticeboards are available under the ‘Noticeboard’ tab on

Summer Provision Noticeboard for Teachers/SNAs
To help Teachers and SNAs source Summer Provision roles, EducationPosts has created a 'Summer Provision Noticeboard for Teachers/SNAs'. This feature is available under the ‘Noticeboards’ tab on the website.

For security reasons, an account is required to create and view noticeboards.

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Returning to School in the aftermath of Covid19

03. Sustainable Leadership in Challenging Times: Part 3 Re-opening Schools

We hosted our third webinar with Shay Bannon, Deirdre O'Connor, Assistant General Secretary, INTO and Seamus Mulconry General Secretary, CPSMA.

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IPPN call for clear guidance for the delivery of Summer Provision programmes and the re-opening schools

June 12th 2020

IPPN acknowledge the announcement today (June 12th) of a summer provision programme for children with special needs and students in DEIS schoolsand recognise the importance of these programmes for these children. We are now calling for clear guidelines to be published in order for schools to deliver these programmes in a safe and orderly manner. School leaders above all else recognise the level of need for students with special needs or students suffering disadvantage and wish to support them. However, the significant challenges of school leaders and boards of management in managing the roll out of these programmes in the absence of any formal guidelines must be recognised.

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Back to School

Welcome to this, the start of a new section of our IPPN Website, called “Back to School.”

IPPN commits here to bring you the most up to date content, information, links, templates etc in relation to returning to the school workplace in September. It is hoped that you will find here a one stop shop for much of what you need to know, or where to go, in terms of getting your school up and running again.

IPPN is working closely with all of the partners to bring all the available information into one place and this will also be available separately.

Here however, IPPN commits to you our members, to put at your fingertips as much as we possibly can, in terms of what you need in order to reopen your school safely. This will be added to frequently and systematically and is designed to complement the other section on our homepage entitled Covid-19 and all of our other publications, such as E-scéal & Leadership+.

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