FAQs on Covid-19


  • Are ancillary staff permitted on the school premises during school closures?

    Caretaking, secretarial, cleaning and other staff should only be in the school as necessary once this is in line with HSE advice on social distancing etc

  • Can an employee who was approved leave by the BoM before the government directive to close schools now withdraw their leave application?

    Scheduled leave absences which have already been recorded on the OLCS cannot be deleted/amended. Where a substitute was scheduled to work in the period of the school closure, then the school should continue to record that claim. The substitute will be paid for that scheduled absence. Scheduled leave absences which have not yet been recorded on OLCS and which have been sanctioned by the BoM should continue to be recorded on OLCS.

  • Does Special Leave affect my sick leave record?

    Any special leave approved will not be counted as part of your sick leave record and no time line restrictions will apply. (DES Circular 20/2020)

  • GDPR Clarification in relation to Covid19

    We have received a number of queries from members about sharing parents’ contact information with teachers during school closures, to facilitate home/school communication and children’s learning. The Data Protection Commissioner’s office has confirmed that, provided the following guidelines are followed, there would be no GDPR issue. Their guidance is as follows:

    1. Article 6(1) of the Data Protection Act sets out the conditions which must be met for the processing of personal data to be lawful. Such processing must be undertaken under one of the six legal grounds for processing. The first is that the data subject has given consent to the processing of their personal data for one or more specific purpose(s)
    2. Parents gave their contact details to the schools as part of the enrolment process so that schools could contact them regarding their children’s education and welfare. This applies where a school contacts parents using that data in the present emergency to assist them in educating their children at home
    3. Schools should be very clear as to the legal basis of their processing of data.
  • How do I record the government decision to close schools on OLCS?

    There is no requirement for the school to record a school closure on the OLCS due to this government decision?

    Click here to view Arrangements for payments of salary/pension to staff paid by DES 


    Arrangements for the payment of salary/pension to staff
    paid by the Dept. of Education & Skills


  • How important is it to keep OLCS records up to date?

    It is important that schools continue to keep their OLCS records updated as some employees are due to go onto Half Rate of Pay, Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration Pay (TRR) or no pay. This is to avoid an incorrect payment of salary.

  • How is Special Leave recorded on OLCS?

    Special Leave is not recorded on OLCS. Approved Special Leave must be notified to the DES as soon as possible by forwarding details to their dedicated email address: covid19@education.gov.ie. This is to ensure that the leave is recorded and that the substitute can be paid. (DES Circular 20/2020)

  • Is it possible to record substitute leave in advance on OLCS?

    Keying of future substitute claims Substitute claims cannot be entered in advance.

    Click here to view FSSU Guidance Note on School Closures due to Covid-19

  • School Insurance

    Effective from Thursday 19 March, Allianz Ireland will be closing its head office. Robust contingency plans are in place and Allianz’s School Support Teams will continue to provide leading service to your school by phone and email.

    Click here for contact details and more information

  • Should Ancillary Staff be paid during school closures?

    All Board of Management employees should be paid during this period of school closures

    FSSU Guidance Note on School Closures due to Covid-19

  • What happens when an employee avails of sick leave and subsequently needs to avail of Special Leave?

    Where an employee has been availing of sick leave and is subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19, Special Leave with pay can be retrospectively applied in lieu of sick leave. Any special leave approved will not be counted as part of their sick leave record and no time line restrictions will apply. (DES Circular 20/2020)

  • What is the latest date for recording leave on OLCS?

    The closing date for entering and approval of claims on the OLCS is Friday 20 March. Please disregard earlier date communicated to you.

  • When is Special Leave approved?

    Teachers & SNAs will be entitled to Special Leave with pay where:

    Appropriate medical or HSE advice has been given to self-isolate
    Contracted the virus
    Employees are required to notify their Board in the above circumstances, provide medical certification and appropriate contact should be maintained during the period of approved special leave with pay. (DES Circular 20/2020)


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