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Includes hints in relation to dealing with the media, handling a crisis and how to promote the school among all stakeholders.

See also Principal's right to allocate classes - an excerpt from David Ruddy's Legal Diary in Issue 31 of Leadership+.

Can be used for various purposes

Template for teachers to indicate preferred class allocation. See related article on Class Allocation in Leadership+ issue 68.

Presentation as given to IPPN County Networks

Size of School * Number of Days Release Time
Principal + 5 / 6 25
Principal + 3 / 4 20
Principal + 0 / 1 / 2 15

* Size of school refers to Principal and mainstream class teachers only and excludes ex-quota posts e.g. learning sup ...

The policy includes:

  • guidelines for chairing staff meetings (before, during and after the meeting)
  • sample staff meeting agenda
  • staff meeting minutes template

This policy replaces individual documents f ...

Document has been replaced by a new version - Guidelines for New and Substitute Teachers - stored in the same folder. Another alternative is the Category:Staff Management

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