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David Ruddy, BL and Principal of Talbot Senior School, Clondalkin facilitated Limerick’s County Network Meeting which focused on Employment Law & Health & Safety.  Topics covered included:


Application form for payment of acting up POR allowance per circulars 0003/12, 11/05, 0022/09 & 0053/11.

This form should be used to inform the Department of Education and Skills of new appointments and amendments to Posts of Principal & Deputy Principal only & appointments to Assistant Principal (Circ 53/11) which occur during the school year whi ...

Sample pack - can be used as an alternative to Guidelines for New and Substitute Teachers which is also a 'welcome pack' or an 'induction pack' for new/visiting/ ...


  • guiding principles
  • sample schedule of duties under the following headings
    • organisational
    • curricular
    • pastoral
    • learning support and special educational needs.

Includes a 'work experience agreement' form that the student signs.

Lists school policies that teachers sign up to, having read and understood them. Amend to suit the list of policies in your school.

This policy document for external sports and arts agencies and coaches includes:

  • guidelines for teachers
  • a description of
    • integrity in relationships
    • fair play
    • atmosphere and ethos
    • ...

Revised to take requirements of circular 28/2011 re. criteria and marking scheme into account.

Physical Intervention with Pupils is stored under Policies & Plans - School Policies

For further information on career breaks and leave of absence, please see the relevant circulars re. Career Breaks, Job Sharing, Teacher Exchange & Carers Leave for Primary Teachers - Category:Staff Management

This welcome pack for new, visiting and substitute teachers Includes:

  • procedures before starting work
  • routine information about the school in an A to Z format
  • ...

As agreed between the INTO and management bodies

Staff Extra Personal Vacation Days policy. Replaces multiple separate policy documents.

Under rule 58 of the Rules for National Schools, teachers are entitled to Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) on foot of attending approved summer courses.

< ...

Excerpt from the Legal Diary in Leadership+ Issue 31 - April 2006

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