List of posts of responsibility (PORs) with effect from 1 September 2012

This form should be used to inform the Department of Education and Skills of new appointments and amendments to Posts of Principal & Deputy Principal only & appointments to Assistant Principal (Circ 53/11) which occur during the school year whi ...

Application form for payment of acting up POR allowance per circulars 0003/12, 11/05, 0022/09 & 0053/11.

The Record of Parent/Teacher Meeting form is stored under Policies & Plans - Parents & Pupils

This is a sample yearly calendar to  be used as a template and will need to be tailored to meet individual school needs. There are two spare days in this example.

This file will need to be amended to take into account the dates/days and holidays for each school year.

Includes examples of the types of activities that need to be planned each month of each term

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