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School managers disappointed after meeting minister

The Minister for Education h ...

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The DES has issued an updated guidance note including FAQs on what schools should and need to do to make sure pupils have ...


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THE DEPARTMENT of Education has issued separate orders to a primary school compelling it to accept two children with special needs when it has on ...

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This seminar will examine policies, procedures and protocols in primary schools, including mandatory policies and good practices. It will also look at potential pitfalls, especially in areas that can lead to litigation. I ...


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By: Gordon Deegan

THE PRINCIPAL of a west ...

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In accordance with the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” issued by the Government, all employers are required to prepare a COVID-19 Response Plan. This applies to all BoMs

The following items are covered:

Workshop Facilitator - Deirdre Mathews

The workshop will introduce participants to the Department's draft guidelines on school ...


Facilitator: Anna Mai Rooney, IPPN

Workshop Synopsis:
This worksho ...

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