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E-scéal 312 - The National Procurement Service (NPS) Schools Energy Competition Results

As you are aware, for the past number of years, IPPN has capitalised on the joint purchasing power of 3,300 schools to ensure better value on utilities and other services for our members.  Through our link with Energia for example, we have delivered low-cost electricity to schools for over 5 years, now providing annual savings of ca. 10% on other competitors in the market.

In the meantime, the current Government put in place the National Procurement Service (NPS), whose brief is to provide cost-savings right across the public sector, including schools, prisons and hospitals etc.  As a result of a tendering process, NPS are now working directly with Energia who were recently successful in their bid to provide lower-rate energy services to schools.  IPPN is no longer the point of contact for Energia customers.  The relevant contact details can be found here along with the information outlining how to secure these newly agreed reduced rates by the allocated closing date of June 30th.

Due to the success of IPPN’s commercial sponsorships, some suppliers are falsely claiming to have IPPN’s endorsement. If any companies other than our official partners (Allianz, CJ Fallon, EMS Copiers & Vhi Healthcare) claim this endorsement in their dealings with you we would appreciate it if you could let us know by e-mailing nicole.walsh@ippn.ie.

Is sinne le meas

Seán Cottrell & Gerry Murphy

IPPN Sponsors