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E-scéal 311 - Two Teacher Schools Losing a Teacher

Two-teacher schools
We have received a number of requests from Principals of two-teacher schools for advice in relation to the implications of losing their second teacher, specifically in relation to child protection and general health & safety. We would like to hear from anyone who has come through that situation and who would be willing to share their experience. Please email consultation@ippn.ie with your contact details.

Parental involvement in schools
The National Parents’ Council-Primary has asked IPPN to address their annual conference on the topic of parental involvement in children’s learning. Rather than approaching this from an abstract point of view, we plan to deal with the topic by referring to existing good practice currently happening in schools.

With this in mind we would appreciate if you would email us at consultation@ippn.ie and provide a very brief description of any form of successful parental involvement in children’s learning in your school. By successful, we mean that:

• there is consensus that the involvement yields a positive benefit for children
• teachers feel supported and are happy with the initiative
• parents feel they are contributing meaningfully to their children’s education and not just acting as fundraisers for the BoM
• the experience has a positive effect on parent/school relationships.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Is sinne le meas

Seán Cottrell & Gerry Murphy

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