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See also Student Council - Role & Functions under Policies & Plans - Parents & Pupils

This sample ethos statement is for a Catholic school.

The Exceptional Ability & Giftedness Policy is stored under Policies & Plans - School Development & Curriculum Planning

Procedures revised to take into account that schools no longer need to seek the DES permission to grant an exemption nor send a copy of the form to the DES.

See also

Clear description of a school's 'Friendship Week' programme which aims to prevent bullying and promote friendship. It includes suggestions for activities, resources to support the programme and two poems.

Revided to reflect the mandatory requirement to garda vet any adult who are in contact with children in a school - DES circular 63/2010

HSE-published PDF document, can be emailed/printed and issued to parents in conjunction with the school's Healthy Eating Policy.

This healthy lunch policy includes:

  • list of suggested lunch / snack items
    • bread and alternatives
    • savouries
    • fruit and vegetables
    • drinks
  • a word about ...

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