17th January 2014 - Draft IPPN Statement on Book Rental

IPPN recognises the value to schools of having a book rental scheme in place, particularly in areas of acute disadvantage.

IPPN is encouraged that Minister Quinn recognises that schools require government support to set up book rental schemes due to the prohibitive start-up costs.

However, IPPN is disappointed that Minister Quinn did not see fit to treat all schools equally when reaching a decision on the allocation of funding. This is an affront to proactive schools that have already established Book Rental Schemes from the proceeds of fundraising or the diversion of capitation funding.

IPPN is making representations on behalf of these schools to the Minister and will keep you informed of developments

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Last Updated: Friday, 17 January 2014 11:55

3 December 2013 - PISA Scores – Reason for Optimism but Not Complacency

Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) welcomes the improvement in Ireland’s rankings for student achievement in literacy, mathematics and particularly science. This is clear evidence of the successful implementation of curriculum change by principals and teachers in primary schools.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 05 December 2013 15:13

11th November 2013 - IPPN Welcomes Proposal to Cut School Uniform Costs

Any initiative that reduces costs for parents with school going children deserves welcome.

Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) welcomes today’s announcement by Minister Ruairi Quinn and Tánaiste Eamonn Gilmore. The initiative to reduce the costs of school uniforms will be well received by parents and school principals.

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Last Updated: Monday, 11 November 2013 17:44

7 November 2013 - IPPN Welcomes the Minor and Summer Works Scheme Contribution

Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) welcomes today’s announcement by Minister Quinn of additional investment by the Department of Education and Skills in the Minor Works and Summer Works Scheme.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 07 November 2013 16:40

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