Vision, Mission, Values

IPPN2025 StrategicPlan


The importance of school leadership as an influence on, and key determinant of pupil learning, has been clearly established. The equation is simple – effective school leadership leads to school effectiveness, which in turn leads to better outcomes for children. It is, therefore, a priority that school leaders should be empowered and supported to deliver that effective leadership in our schools, thereby maintaining their focus on what is most closely aligned with their core purpose – leading teaching and learning.

IPPN aspires to empower school leaders to provide the most effective leadership of their school communities. We do so through the provision of supports and services that enable that empowerment, and through our advocacy for the enhancement of leadership capacity, effectiveness and sustainability. This work is shaped directly by our engagement with our members to ensure that it reflects their needs and perspectives. We also advocate with our fellow Education Partners in the best interests of children, schools and school leaders.

The way in which we work to achieve our stated objectives is underpinned by our values of respect, trust and professionalism, which define us as an organisation.

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