IPPN supports small boost for small school

The Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) is pleased to learn of Minister O’ Sullivan’s policy shift on small schools. Seán Cottrell, CEO of IPPN stated ‘The positive impact of reducing the number of children required to retain a teacher cannot be underestimated. When a small school loses a teacher it can often have a devastating effect on the school and its broader community.’


Recognition by the DES that some small schools are in isolated locations is also significant. Lifting the threat of closing small schools in remote locations is a major boost to morale. These measures bring some comfort to many isolated communities’, stated Brendan McCabe, IPPN President.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 August 2015 17:18

Jan 30th - Is the Primary School Curriculum fit for purpose?

Is the Primary school curriculum fit for purpose

 Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN), Mr Sean Cottrell believes that continuously presenting the curriculum in a traditional format is hindering its’ effectiveness. A recent survey of close to 1000 members of the IPPN revealed that many principals feel some areas of the curriculum are in urgent need of reform.

“It’s not so much the content of the curriculum that I am concerned about but rather the insistence on presenting the curriculum on a traditional subject by subject basis”, said Mr Cottrell.

Twelve hundred primary school leaders congregated this week for the annual IPPN conference in Dublin. Representing over 6,000 primary school principals and deputy principals. The organisation is currently focusing on system reform.

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Last Updated: Friday, 30 January 2015 11:33

29th January - Children need more speech and language therapists

IPPN President says children need more speech & language therapists.

Mr Brendan McCabe, President of the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) told over 1,000 members at their annual conference in City West Hotel in Dublin, that speech and language therapists are badly needed for primary school children.

“We have seen an erosion in the amount of time given to these children by speech & language therapists.  Why is this being allowed to happen when we know how effectively their intervention works?”

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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00

29th January - Health and Wellbeing Survey launched

Irish Principals and Deputy Principals Health and Wellbeing survey results launched.

The Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) launched their Health and Wellbeing survey results today. They were launched at the IPPN’s annual conference in the City West Convention Centre in Dublin.

Dr Philip Riley, from Australia, conducted the survey. It had over 640 responses from principals and deputy principals. The results show almost 73% of responses were female. The average principal has held their position for almost ten years.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00

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