29th January - Leadership Crisis in schools

Leadership Crisis in schools as experienced Principals head for exit

The President of the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN), Mr Brendan McCabe told their annual conference that almost one third of principals are considering stepping down.


“A recent survey carried out by IPPN suggests that 16% of principals are considering stepping back from principalship, while a further 13% are considering early retirement. That’s almost a third of principals who are considering leaving their role.”

Mr McCabe told members that there are principals currently working who wish to step back from their role, however there is no dignified means of doing this.


The IPPN President went on to explain that a principal who steps back into the classroom immediately becomes the most junior teacher in the school. “Principals who wish to pull the rip-cord should not have to opt for a crash landing as well.”

Mr McCabe called on the Minister for Education to change the nonsensical situation without delay.

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