29th January - In School Management must be replaced in our schools

In-school Management must be replaced in our schools, declared IPPN President.

Brendan McCabe, Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) President, told the 1,100 members at their annual conference, in the City West Hotel Dublin, that the collapse of the In-school management is a major concern for all schools.

“With the ongoing moratorium on the filling of In-school management posts in schools introduced in 2009, the number of these posts has been hugely reduced. Existing post-holders have retired and have not been replaced.”


Mr McCabe claimed principals are more than happy to embrace the best of what is new in modern learning. However they can’t do it on their own and the sooner the moratorium is lifted the better.

According to Mr McCabe lifting the moratorium, “will provide an opportunity to review In-school Management, its function and its alignment to the needs of the school at any given time.”

The IPPN President admitted that the issue is also an industrial relations one. It also covers school leadership however. Mr McCabe called on the DES to ensure that the voice of principals are heard in any discussions which will take place. 

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