15 October 2013 - IPPN’s Reaction to Budget 2014

IPPN acknowledge that the overall budget for primary education in 2014 is largely intact. It is perceived that the message to government from the National Alliance for Primary Education (NAPE) was heard. The much feared increase in class size thankfully will not happen in 2014. Budget 2012, however, saw small schools having an increase in class size as part of a three year cycle, which is still currently being implemented.

Brendan Mc Cabe, President of IPPN, stated that:
After almost half a decade of savage education cutbacks, parents, teachers, principals and Boards of Management are numbed almost to the point of being unable to articulate their feelings. Ireland has traditionally placed huge moral and economic value on Education. We know from other countries how investment in education has fuelled economic recovery.

Sean Cottrell, Executive Director of IPPN stated that “while the announcement of further capital investment in new schools is very much welcome, the additional 1% decrease in Capitation Grants (Operational Costs), which originated in Budget 2012, will add to schools struggling efforts to pay for basic running costs without the necessity to secure additional local funding”.

IPPN would also like to add that the failure to reintroduce the Minor and Summer Works Grant Scheme will have a damaging affect to some existing school buildings. Failure to maintain current educational buildings will inevitably cost the tax payer more in the long run.

Education is one of the most powerful agents of change in any society. Every €1 invested reaps 10 fold. Education requires patience and investment for the long haul. The children in schools today are the children who shape our future society and economy.

3,400 principal primary teachers lead and manage 3,400 primary schools with a population of 540,000 children on a day to day basis. It is probably the most efficient and effective form of public service in the country. These principal teachers work in extremely challenging conditions but never the less, they are the inspiration for many great teachers and children. They play a critical role in maintaining morale in schools and are examples of what is best in their communities and in society at large. 


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