2 September 2013 - IPPN Responds to Minister Quinn’s Draft Admission to Schools Bill

Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) welcome the Minister’s statement on a draft Admission to Schools bill and anything that brings equity to enrolment opportunities for children in Irish schools. To achieve this it is imperative that there must be adequate resourcing of all schools to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity within the system. IPPN believe that there should never be discrimination against any child or family on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or having special education needs.

IPPN acknowledges the Minsters efforts to achieve this ideal but we remind him of the urgent necessity for adequate funding for every primary school. In IPPN’s Pre-Budget Submission to the Departments of Finance and Education, we have stressed that, while we acknowledge the economic situation at present, we none the less believe that children should not have to pay for the ‘sins of their elders’. Newly elected president of IPPN, Brendan McCabe, states that “as every child only has one chance at primary education we must do our utmost to ensure each child is treated equitably so as to have the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential”. IPPN encourages the Minister to ensure the success of this initiative through adequate resourcing of primary education.


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