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As an alternative to compiling a set of individual policy documents, some schools opt to have a single 'School Booket' which comprises the key policies, which is updated as required. This is an example of such a booklet, kindly submitted by a primary P ...

This booklet contains some of the key information relevant to parents/guardians in one document. It includes guidelines/policy on the following::

  • administration of medicine
  • school opening/closing times
  • staff meetings< ...

This policy replaces previous versions and includes sections on

  • logistics
  • costs
  • safety
  • fieldtrips.


  • staff roles (principal, class teacher, SET, SNA)
  • guidelines/ways of working, which include
  • ...

This policy has been updated with information that will help the school explain the rationale and decisions in relation to the splitting of classes. Criteria for splitting have also been updated.

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