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Policy 'as Gaeilge' for those on work experience or teaching practice

Category:School Policies

There is an onus on each Board of Management (BoM) in consultation with staff to draw up a policy statement based on the needs of the school in relation to approving job-shar ...

Category:School Policies

Includes points on:

  • class groups
  • timetabling
  • seating
  • peer tutoring
  • organisational strategies
  • split classes
  • typical problems with multi-grade classes
  • advantages to mult ...

    Category:School Policies

This revised version includes a note about the rights of the child in relation to access. See also the Custody & Separation Policy.

Category:School Policies

Includes prescription medication, allergies, emergency procedures, contents of first aid boxes, roles and responsibilities.

Appendices provide sample forms for parents to complete in relation to:

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