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Polasaí as Gaeilge mar ciapadh collaí

This sample code includes sections for

  • teachers
  • coaches
  • pupils
  • parents

and sets out the following:

  • principle of fair play
  • atmosphere and ethos
  • equality
  • ...

The sample Code of Conduct – Parents is stored under Policies & Plans - Parents & Pupils.

This template form is for pupils to sign up to a code of conduct in relation to sports in the school.

It includes sections on

  • how I treat myself
  • players from opposing teams
  • our own team coaches
  • suppo ...

Outlines the communication tools in use both in-school and for home/school communication.

This document provides templates for

  • records of student contact
  • Consent Letter - Individual or Group Support Session
  • Advance Parental Agreement to Child Being Seen
  • Sudden Death/Accident Notification Letter.< ...

Templates for listing:

  • critical incident team members/roles/contact details
  • emergency contacts (agencies)/ numbers
  • action plan (short-term/day 1)
  • action plan (medium-term/day 2 and subsequent days)
  • ...

This sample policy contains the following sections:

  • definition of a critical incident
  • description of the critical incident management team (CIMT) and the roles
  • physical safety
  • psychological safety
  • ...

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