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Please use IPPN's BoM Resource Pack for guidance and planning for your BoM.  All up to date policy samples are available on


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Refer to the agreed procedures for recruitment as set out in Primary Boards of Management - Constitution of Boards & Rules of Procedure.

This document might be used by the BoM Secretary to capture decisions from the BoM meeting.

Developed initially as a guide for new Boards in October 2011. Useful reference for best practices in BoMs generally.

Relevant Contract Tax procedures - for Treasurer of BoM.

including Polish, German, Lithuanian, Spanish etc

Establishing a BoM presentation was delivered at the IPPN Principals' Professional Briefing Day 2011 by Brendan McCabe

Getting your BoM off to a good start - a framework for good practice

David Ruddy, BL and Principal of Talbot Senior School, Clondalkin facilitated Limerick’s County Network Meeting which focused on Employment Law & Health & Safety.  Topics covered included:


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