This is a sample yearly calendar to  be used as a template and will need to be tailored to meet individual school needs. There are two spare days in this example.

This file will need to be amended to take into account the dates/days and holidays for each school year.

Includes examples of the types of activities that need to be planned each month of each term

These templates were created during the development of the IPPN publication Priorities for Principal Teachers – In Clear Focus (January 2014), which aims to support principals in their quest for clarity around prioritisation of the ever-increasing list ...

Daily record of SNA activity

This MS Word document lists all the key information categories about a primary school. If you set it up and keep it up to date annually, it can be used to reply to any and all requests for school information (statistical reports, surveys, forms etc) wi ...

Yard Duty Schedule for each area in the school

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