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ADVICE CENTRE:The speed at which the economy is contracting, as jobs are lost in growing numbers a ...

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By Aine Kerr

Thursday October 30 2008

FINE Gael last ...

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By John Walshe Education Editor

Tuesday November 04 2008...

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Click here to access the Teachers' Duty of Care notes on the Oasis website (website by the Government for Information on Public Services).

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listen Monday, 20 October 2008

A third teachers' union has said Government figures on the impact of budget cuts in schools are wrong.

The Teachers' Union of ...

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Teachers, be honest about your intentions

Fancy paying 55 per cent income tax to fu ...

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Provided by David Gerry. See his article in Leadership+ Issue 106


Seminar Facilitator - Micheál Rea & Kieran Healy

The seminar will focus on practical tips, methodologies and approaches to issues that matter to Teaching Princ ...


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