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In this issue:

  • IPPN National Director
  • Profile - Seán Cottrell
  • Director's message
  • The role of the Director
  • IPPN Regional Information meetings
  • IPPN Conference 2001
  • ...

    Category:2000 / 2001

In this issue:

  • Historic launch at Dublin Castle
  • Primary Principals' Network Conference
  • CPSMA Congratulations
  • Letter from Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Education and Science to IPPN
  • ...

    Category:2000 / 2001

In this issue:

  • Introduction to first issue of IPPN's Newsletter
  • IPPN Questions and Answers
  • Aims of IPPN
  • IPPN Interim Committee

Category:2000 / 2001
Deputy Principal  - IPPN Resource Bundle

The resource bundle follows the Deputy Principal from the recruitment process to undertaking a leadership role within school.  There is a focus on practical approaches from procedur ...

The objective of this seminar was to provide the teaching principal with some practical tips and resources for multi grade settings, involving linkage and integration across the curriculum, particularly with senior classes. Ideas and strategies were di ...


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