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As part of a stakeholder consultation process, the DES has asked IPPN to submit our assessment of the DEIS programme along the following lines:

  1. ESRI Report 'Learning from the Evaluation of DEIS'
  2. ...

Recruitment & Appointment Resource Bundle

Recruitment & Appointment Resource Bundle offers a step-by-step guide to following the recruitment process as well as answering the most frequently asked questions.

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The DES has issued a revised circular regarding the collection and operation of POD.  It addresses the main issues and concerns that are arising during the data population period and provides guidance and clarificati ...


In this issue:

  • ICT infrastructure in primary schools - PDST Technology in Education
  • Editorial: Da ...

    Category:2014 / 2015

DES Circular 23/2015 outlines revised procedures for awarding a fixed-term contract or a CID contract.  Procedural changes outlined in the circular will be effective from the commencement ...

School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan resource bundle is an invaluable item for your School Self-Evaluation strategy and covers topics such as setting and achieving literacy and numeracy targets as well as evaluating strengths and ...

School Self Evaluation - Road Map

TO download PDF version, click this link: - SSE_RoadMap.pdf 

Deputy Principal  - IPPN Resource Bundle

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The resource bundle follows the Deputy Principal from ...

The seminars were structured as follows:

  1. Toward a ‘shared understanding’ of the nature and consequences of bullying
  2. Changing pupil culture to change pupil behaviour – ongoing awareness-raising 
  3. Demonstration: 6 s ...


National Council Meeting took place on March 7th.  Those in attendance discussed issues from each county and updates were provided by the Board of Directors

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