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Airgead Bunscoile - Detailed Instructions & Help with Excel Versions Popular


Airgead Bunscoile - Detailed Instructions & Help with Excel Versions

Please read these instructions before using Airgead Bunscoile.

If you have problems with macros, versions of Excel and/or the spreadsheet, please read the attached.

Tutorial Videos are also available - just follow the links below:


0052/2014 - Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2016 (Haddington Road Agreement) - Teachers - Review of Usage of Croke Park Hours – Amendment to Circular 0008/201 New! Popular

Flexibility in the use of Croke Park Hours has been approved by the DES in Circular 52/2014, which amends Section 2 of DES Circular 8/2011.

Sch ...


Custody & Separation Policy Popular


This revised version contains notes on guardianship rights. See also Access Rights to Children policy.

Category:School Policies

POR1 Amend Form New! Popular

0063/2010 - Recruitment procedures: Requirement for Garda vetting Popular

The main elements of this circular are:
Thorough recruitment procedures must always be followed and are an essential element of Child Protection practice. Vetting does no ...


Teacher - Requirement to be Garda Vetted Popular

All teachers being appointed to teaching positions of any duration must be vetted prior to commencing employment unless they have already been vetted during the same or previous calendar year. ...


Reflection for retirement Popular


RETIRED A time of life to happily recall, The things you’ve done, The friends you’ve made, The meaning of them all. For now you have the right, To feel a sense of pride, And know the time has come, For you to set your work aside…, You’ve earned some we ...

Graduation Ceremony Ideas Popular


See attached ceremony ideas for both vertical and senior schools.

Suggested songs:

Leadership+ Issue 81 - June 2014 Popular

Leadership+ Issue 81 - June 2014

In this issue:

  • Editorial: A reservoir of knowledge
  • Legal Diary: Teaching Council reluctant to hold disciplinary hearings in public; The age of consent
  • The Ombudsman for Children's Off ...

    Category:2013 / 2014

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