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Ancillary Staff Popular

A description of those ancillary staff currently emplyed in the school and their duties.

Class Preference Sheet Popular


Template for teachers to indicate preferred class allocation. See related article on Class Allocation in Leadership+ issue 68.

Code of Conduct for Outside Agencies - Facilitating Children’s Sport and Arts Activities Popular

This policy document for external sports and arts agencies and coaches includes: guidelines for teachers a description of integrity in relationships fair play atmosphere and ethos pupils are entitled to... pupils should always/never facilitato ...

Communication Resource Bundle Popular


Click here to download document

Deputy Principal – Sample Contract and Schedule of Duties Popular


Includes: guiding principles sample schedule of duties under the following headings organisational curricular pastoral learning support and special educational needs.

Education Act - The Role of the Principal Popular


Sections 22, 23, 24 of the Education Act

Employee Expense Claim Form Popular


Can be used for various purposes

EPV Days/ Course Days Policy Popular

Staff Extra Personal Vacation Days policy. Replaces multiple separate policy documents. Under rule 58 of the Rules for National Schools, teachers are entitled to Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) on foot of attending approved summer courses. For further inf ...

Grievance Procedure Popular

As agreed between the INTO and management bodies

Guidelines for New and Substitute Teachers Popular

This welcome pack for new, visiting and substitute teachers Includes: procedures before starting work routine information about the school in an A to Z format School calendar Yard Duty timetable (termly) Halla timetable Clár Ama - Muinteoir Feabha ...

Health & Safety Presentation Popular

David Ruddy, BL and Principal of Talbot Senior School, Clondalkin facilitated Limerick’s County Network Meeting which focused on Employment Law & Health & Safety.  Topics covered included: • Contracts of employment• Terms of employment• Mini ...

Human Resource Management FAQs Popular

Click here to go to HR Management FAQs

In-school Management (ISM) Policy Popular

Revised to take requirements of circular 28/2011 re. criteria and marking scheme into account.

In-School Management - Sample Task List Popular

Sample for review. Lists suggested tasks by category (curricular, pastoral, administrative) as well as by ISM team role.  Note that this sample document is a list of possible areas for inclusion depending on the needs of the school rather than a scho ...

Job Sharing Policy Popular

The purpose of the Job-Sharing Scheme is to assist teachers in combining work and personal responsibilities or choices. A teacher may make an application to share a wholetime teaching post on a 50:50 basis. The minimum period for which a job sharing arran ...

Laptop Use Agreement (Staff) Popular


Laptop Use Form and Terms & Conditions for a staff member to take possession of a school laptop for a given period e.g. summer holidays 2

Leave of Absence and Career Breaks Policy Popular


For further information on career breaks and leave of absence, please see the relevant circulars re. Career Breaks, Job Sharing, Teacher Exchange & Carers Leave for Primary Teachers - Primary Circulars 05/03, 10/03, 11/03, 12/03 (which amended Circula ...

Meningitis Trust’s Information Pack for Teachers Popular

Specifically this pack will give teaching staff: Information about the disease Practical advice about what to do if someone in the school is affected Advice about what you can do now to raise awareness of meningitis amongst your staff, pupils and par ...

Physical Intervention with Pupils Popular

Physical Intervention with Pupils is stored under Policies & Plans - School Policies

POR1 Form Popular

List of posts of responsibility (PORs) with effect from 1 September 2012

POR2 Form Popular

This form should be used to inform the Department of Education and Skills of new appointments and amendments to Posts of Principal & Deputy Principal only & appointments to Assistant Principal (Circ 53/11) which occur during the school year which ...

POR3 Form Popular

Application form for payment of acting up POR allowance per circulars 0003/12, 11/05, 0022/09 & 0053/11.

Positivity – Share Some Happiness Popular


Promoting a ‘Positivity Week/Day’ is an initiative that is optional for each school.  This concept was developed to get people to laugh a little more and generally be nice to one another.  Often children are too aware of such serious issues and ...

PR Hints and Tips for Principals Popular

Includes hints in relation to dealing with the media, handling a crisis and how to promote the school among all stakeholders.

Principal's right to allocate classes Popular

Excerpt from the Legal Diary in Leadership+ Issue 31 - April 2006

Principal's right to allocate classes

Excerpt from the Legal Diary in Leadership+ Issue 31 - April 2006

Release Days for Teaching Principals Popular

Size of School * Number of Days Release TimePrincipal + 5 / 6 22 Principal + 3 / 4 18Principal + 0 / 1 / 2 14 * Size of school refers to Principal and mainstream class teachers only and excludes ex-quota posts e.g. learning support, resource, disadvantag ...

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