A Guide to Whole School Evaluation in Primary Schools outlines the practices and procedures involved in the three stages of the Whole School Evaluation – 1. Pre-evaluation meetin ...

Spreadsheet template to list specific actions, tasks and responsibilities for individual post holders

Includes description of informal and formal assessment, to include:

  • psychological assessment
  • standardised testing
  • diagnostic testing
  • screening
  • recording.


The following were suggested by Principals on the

Concise and comprehensive

Replaces previous version of the file, which was out of date.

Simple approach, included as an alternative.

The Display of Pupils’ Work Policy is stored in Policies & Plans - School Policies.

This plan outlines curriculum planning for Drama across class levels in relation to :

  • Exploring and Making Drama
  • Reflecting on Drama
  • Co-operating and Communicating in making Drama.

This Drama Plan outlines the strand units and elements of drama across class levels (example for groups of class levels), including the following:

  • drama strategies and conventions
  • children with differing needs
  • opportu ...

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