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A description of those ancillary staff currently emplyed in the school and their duties.

Promoting a ‘Positivity Week/Day’ is an initiative that is optional for each school.  This concept was developed to get people to laugh a little more and generally be nice to one another. ...

Laptop Use Form and Terms & Conditions for a staff member to take possession of a school laptop for a given period e.g. summer holidays 2

Specifically this pack will give teaching staff:

  • Information about the disease
  • Practical advice about what to do if someone in the school is affected
  • Advice about what you can do now to raise awareness of meningitis a ...

  • Ensure someone has responsibility for all curricular areas - monitoring, implementation, review and resources
  • POR usually divided up under curriculum, organisational and pastoral
  • Special education should be assigned, also Spo ...

Sections 22, 23, 24 of the Education Act

Includes hints in relation to dealing with the media, handling a crisis and how to promote the school among all stakeholders.

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