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Example enrolment form/admission form/application form/registration form. An alternative to Enrolment Form I.

List of posts of responsibility (PORs) with effect from 1 September 2012

This form should be used to inform the Department of Education and Skills of new appointments and amendments to Posts of Principal & Deputy Principal only & appointments to Assistant Principal (Circ 53/11) which occur during the school year whi ...

Application form for payment of acting up POR allowance per circulars 0003/12, 11/05, 0022/09 & 0053/11.

This can be used as a template to explain to parents how classes are being arranged and the criteria used to place children in particular classes.

Template letter asking parents for their feedback/approval of a revised draft Code of conduct/code of discipline/code of behaviour.

Advice for Parents if the school is closed or children are sick owing to an outbreak of swine flu

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