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Covid 19 - Preparations for Summer Term

We hope that you were able to have some rest and relaxation over the holiday period. We are conscious that your thoughts will again be focussing on leading your school community during the summer term. IPPN has been working closely with CSL over the past week to put together some practical options and ideas to support your leadership role at this time.

IPPN continues to acknowledge the incredible work being achieved by school leaders all over the country in these extraordinary times. Never before has so much been asked of you. You are expected to be the calm and reassuring person at the helm, while you navigate the challenges of keeping the well-being of your school community in focus. At the same time, you are expected to maintain communication with families and teachers to ensure that learning continues for your pupils. Alongside these challenges are your worries for your own families and friends and the uncertainty which faces everyone, as we try to work away through these very strange times. In order to sustain your own well-being, consider all the supports available to you in the system. If you have not yet accessed the CSL coaching service, it can be accessed remotely. Simply go to the coaching section of the CSL website at and contact one of the coaching companies in your area. This support, in particular, will help you to put things in perspective, remind you of your strong leadership skills and offer you the opportunity to reflect on the strengths of your school community as you help navigate it through the current challenges.

Now is the time to speak regularly with your leadership team and your teachers. You may consider arranging an online staff meeting or WhatsApp chat to look at the priorities for your pupils before honing in on the details. Have a general conversation about the most important things you need to consider going forward, keeping well-being and sustainability at the top of your list, along with ensuring that weekends are free of school work.

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