Covid-19 - Latest Updates

Staffing Circular Update

The DES has extended the date for returning the following forms (DES Circular 18/2020) from Friday 27 March to Friday 3 April:

Notify relevant Panel Operator of any permanent or fixed term vacancy
Return Main Redeployment Panel Application Form (Appendix E) for surplus permanent/CID holding teachers to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section
Return “CID Declaration Form20” (Appendix G) in respect of all teachers awarded a CID in or before the 2019/20 school year and a Main Panel Application Form, if applicable, to the Department’s Primary Teacher Allocations Section

Submit completed Staffing Appeals Form (Appendix F) for the April meeting of the Primary Staffing Appeals Board
Staff Planning Form will be issued to all school’s week commencing 30 March with a return date of Wednesday 22 April

The closing date is to reflect the final date that a teacher has to withdraw their application to the BoM for a Career Break (Chapter 7, DES Circular 54/2019). In exceptional circumstances the BoM may consider a later withdrawal of a Career Break application.

In instances where schools have late withdrawal of career breaks and this effects the redeployment process or CID entitlements within the school, the school is required to notify Primary Teacher Allocations section -

Schools have the option to email a scanned signed copy of the Main Panel forms and the Staff Planning Form to - A copy of the original should be retained in the school for future reference.

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