Submissions - Member input requested

This page holds information about submissions IPPN has been asked to make, to the Department of Education, the Joint Oireachtas Committee and the Inspectorate, as well as education agencies. We would greatly appreciate member input to all our submissions. Sincere thanks in advance to those who provide input. 

Please note that all IPPN submissions are available on under Advocacy/Submissions, summarised in Leadership+ and a link to the final submission is provided via your E-scéal.


Supports for Displaced Ukrainian Students – Have your say!

The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education is examining the key issues regarding ‘Education and Supports Provision for Displaced Ukrainian Students’. The committee has asked IPPN to make a written submission, and your input would be appreciated. They will be looking at four aspects of provision:

1. Curriculum
2. Language
3. Psychological supports
4. Other Issues

Please send us your comments and suggestions by email to by Friday 29 April.

Updating Aistear - Have your say!

The NCCA is consulting with parents, early years professionals, primary teachers and school leaders in relation to Aistear. IPPN has been asked to make a submission, by the end of April, in relation to the principles underpinning the early years framework, the themes of children’s learning and development, and the guidelines for good practice, as well as any overall observations. They have asked us to note what is working well with each of these elements (principles, themes, guidelines, overall) and what might need to be enhanced or updated.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback by email to by Friday 29th April.

Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework


The 12 Principles of early learning and development underpinning Aistear. Click here to view the principles.


Aistear presents children’s learning and development using four Themes. These are:

1.            Well-being

2.            Identity and Belonging

3.            Communicating

4.            Exploring and Thinking.

Guidelines for Good Practice 

Aistear has four sets of guidelines, focusing on different aspects of practice:

1.            Building partnerships between parents and practitioners

2.            Learning and developing through interactions

3.            Learning and developing through play

4.            Supporting learning and development through assessment.

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