Ciall Ceannaithe - FAQs Course Structure

How is this course structured?
The course is delivered over 10 distinct modules. Each module is interactive and participatory and encourages participants to reflect upon the material presented and on their own experiences and interactions. The modules are presented in a logical sequence that guides participants in their learning and development.

Certain modules contain assignments that must be completed for 'Course Approval'. Also there is a public Discussion Forum to which participants are asked to contribute their views, opinions, experiences and ideas on particular topics directly related to each module and the overall theme of each course. Participants work at their own pace independently through their course
There is no specific time limit to completing the course except to note the course completion date is 31st July.

How many hours will it take to complete the course?
Each module will take i.e. 2 hours to complete, therefore it will take 20 hours to complete all 10 modules that make up the course. The time indicated includes time to study all course material either on-line or off-line, complete all course activities, and reflect on the material presented and to complete one posting to each of the ten modules.



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