Ciall Ceannaithe - FAQs Course Approval

How do I secure my EPV days?
Having studied the course participants must complete the following to secure EPV days:

Course Approval checklist

  • Profile contains the following a) Roll No., b) Teacher Number, c) School Name
  • 5 assignments and ALL discussion forum to be completed
  • All sections of Topic Outline module are completed e.g. Course Introduction and Orientation, Terms & Conditions are agreed to etc.
  • Course Reflective Learning Logs – 4 DES questions
  • Course Feedback Survey
  • Declaration of Integrity
  • Review of Sign Off of my CPD Record

What is the Course Reflective Learning Log?

The Course Reflective Learning Log is an assignment asking participants to consider and respond to four general questions about the course. This is a Department of Education requirement for all on-line summer courses.

What is the role of the on-line course facilitator?

Your on-line facilitator will interact with participants via each module’s discussion forum and the general course News Forum. The on-line facilitator can be e mailed for specific content queries. The course messaging facility can be used to contact the course facilitator.

Note: It is not the role of the on-line facilitator to ensure or remind you to fulfill the criteria for course completion (i.e. Forum Postings and submission of the Reflective Learning Log and the Continuous Professional Development Record). This is your responsibility.

What is the role of the on-line course approver?

Your on-line course approver will review the activity logs for your participation as well as your discussion forum postings and consider your application for Course Approval.  The procedure is outlined above.


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