About Ciall Ceannaithe

2017 BookNowPurpleCiall Ceannaithe - IPPN's online summer course Is a highly practical step-by-step course built on the collective wisdom and experience of seasoned principals.  The course is designed to professionally support Newly Appointed Principals through the first day, first week, first month and first year of their Principalship.  It is also very suitable for teachers and deputy prinicpals who wish to one day undertake the role of principal or as a refresher course for experienced principals who wish to reflect on their current practice.

Last date for Course Commencement is July 25th  

Course Closed on July 31st

Course Aims

  1. Gain an overall perspective on the role of principal Learn
  2. Develop a sense of pacing and timing in their first year
  3. Distinguish tacit from factual knowledge
  4. Provide practical advice on key situations
  5. Benefit from the knowledge of experienced principals
  6. Approach the 'new role' with greater confidence and self belief
  7. Have essential resources to hand in a user-friendly format.

The principal will be better equipped and more effective in dealing with the following areas of their new role:

  • Decision making 
  • Staff Relations
  • Staff Communications
  • Relationship with Children
  • Relationship with Parents
  • Relationship with Board of Management
  • Relationship with DES
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Self Care.

Support for the Leadership, Management and Administrative needs of Newly Appointed and Acting Principals:Planning

  • General Advice on getting started Planning
  • Scheduling Priorities for Year 1
  • Good Practice for Teaching Principals
  • Timetabling for Teaching Principals
  • Factual Information about your school
  • Professional Supports available to Principals.


Further to the above, Newly Appointed Principals will be provided with the following resources online:resourcesonline

  • List of Essential References
  • List of Key Websites
  • List of Essential Resources
  • Monthly Planning Prompts
  • Essential Procedures for Teacher Recruitment
  • Procedures for Appointment of member of ISM Team
  • Procedures for first Board of Management meeting
  • Procedures for first Staff Meeting
  • Procedures for first Parents' Association Meeting
  • Principal's Information Manual [PIMS]
  • School Self Evaluation. 

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