5th December 2021 - Updated Advice to Members on Face Masks

Following the information note that issued to schools last Tuesday evening, 30th November, with regard to the wearing of face masks by children in 3rd to 6th Class, IPPN called for the issuing of FAQs to schools, as a matter of urgency. Throughout the day on Wednesday, 1st December, our Leadership Support team received a considerable number of calls from school leaders with specific questions on the practical issues associated with the implementation of the measure detailed in the information note.

Most of the questions related to the issue of refusing entry to the school to a child who did not meet the criteria for exemption, and whether there was any basis, legal or otherwise, to do so. On that Wednesday afternoon, we provided the DE with a high-level summary of the queries we had received from members in order to inform the drafting and content of the FAQs.

As the FAQs document has still not issued to schools and clarity has yet to be provided on the legitimacy of a requirement of primary school children to wear face masks, IPPN strongly recommends that schools continue to focus on encouraging and supporting children and families rather than enforcing compliance with this measure. We will keep you updated of any developments on this issue as they arise.

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