10 May - Redeployment Panels Issued


The main redeployment panels have now been issued. There are a total 121 surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on panels for redeployment to schools.

 How to Fill Teaching Vacancies in Your School

  • Schools with vacancies are now required to immediately commence the process of filling their vacancies from the list of surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on the redeployment panels
  • All permanent and fixed-term teaching vacancies can only be filled from the relevant main redeployment panel
  • Boards of Management are not permitted to follow normal recruitment practices to fill a permanent or fixed-term teaching vacancy until the DES is satisfied that vacant positions are not required for the redeployment of any remaining surplus permanent/CID holding teachers on the main panel
  • The DES has approved the use of EducationPosts.ie (DES Circular 19/2019) to engage with the Main Redeployment Panel. This effectively puts the responsibility on a teacher to submit an expression of interest to a school and reduces the amount of time that a principal spends calling and emailing potential new teaching staff members for the following school year
  • A teacher can defer their panel rights in the following circumstances:
  • To take up a temporary position in his/her own school. The temporary position must be for a minimum period of one school year, i.e. replacing a teacher on career break, secondment, replacing two teachers who have entered into a job sharing arrangement etc
  • To go on a career break or secondment
  • To avail of a job-sharing arrangement
  • The maximum period that a teacher can defer his/her panel access for any of the above arrangements is 5 school years

Advertising a Main Redeployment Panel Post on EducationPosts.ie:

  • Once you have selected the relevant ‘Category of Vacancy, select the ‘Status of Post’ to be ‘Main Redeployment Panel’
  • All panel adverts need to include specific text as per 6.3.2 of the FAQ Document attached to DES Circular 0019/2019. This text needs to be placed in the Additional Information section. All advertisers need to tick a box under the Additional Information section to confirm that they have provided the necessary text as per this DES Circular
  • Teachers are given a period of 5 calendar days to express an interest in the post
  • Teachers can only respond to expressions of interest from within their own relevant panel area
  • A school is required to select a teacher from the cohort of teachers who expressed interest in the post. However, the school has the option of supplementing the list of teachers who express an interest in the post with other teacher(s), remaining on the main panel (who had not responded with an expression of interest in the post). It is at the discretion of the Board of Management to hold interviews
  • If no teachers on the relevant main panel express an interest in the post, the school is required to extend the period of time for seeking expressions of interest, by an additional 2 calendar days. This advert also needs to include the specific text as per 6.3.2 of the FAQ Document attached to DES Circular 0019/2019. If at that stage there are still no teachers who have expressed interest in the post, then the school should inform the Panel Operator
  • All teachers on the main panel must be redeployed before permission is given to fill remaining permanent vacancies in any other manner or to fill fixed-term teaching vacancies

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