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Accounts Popular

Simple checklist of school account-related practices for Boards of Management.

Administration - Frequently Asked Questions Popular


Click here to go to Administration FAQs

Airgead Bunscoile - Detailed Instructions & Help with Excel Versions Popular


Airgead Bunscoile - Detailed Instructions & Help with Excel Versions Please read these instructions before using Airgead Bunscoile. If you have problems with macros, versions of Excel and/or the spreadsheet, please read the attached. Tutorial Videos are also available - just follow the links below: // Airgead Bunsco ...

Airgead Bunscoile v1.4 Popular


Airgead Bunscoile v1.4 CLICK HERE to go to the Airgead Bunscoile download page and then click on the Download button. Before you start using Airgead Bunscoile, please see these detailed instructions and information on using it with different versions of Excel. Note: For A ...

Audio-Visual Equipment

Describes the AV equipment available in school; where each element is kept and who is responsible for it.

Capitation Grant Popular

Information valid for 2010-2011 school year.

Contract for rental of school hall Popular

See also Hire and Use of School Premises Policy which is stored under Administration

Data Protection Commissioner - Rules and Information for 'Data Controllers' Popular

The document provides links to relevant sections of the Data Protection Commissioner website in relation to storage and access to data.

Enrolment Form and Cover Letter Popular


Example enrolment form/admission form/application form/registration form including cover letter. Latest version no longer has PPS number included.

Enrolment Form II Popular

Example enrolment form/admission form/application form/registration form. An alternative to Enrolment Form I.

Enrolment Form III Popular

Form which parents complete to apply for a place in school. Example enrolment form/admission form/application form/registration form. An alternative to Enrolment Form I and II.

Incident Report Form Popular

Includes description of accident and injury, follow-up action, witnesses.

Laptop Use Agreement (Staff) Popular

The Laptop Use Agreement Policy is stored under Resources - Staff Management. 

Letter to Parents - Rearranging Classes Popular

This can be used as a template to explain to parents how classes are being arranged and the criteria used to place children in particular classes.

Letter to Parents - revised Code of Behaviour Popular

Template letter asking parents for their feedback/approval of a revised draft Code of conduct/code of discipline/code of behaviour.

Letter to Parents - Swine Flu

Advice for Parents if the school is closed or children are sick owing to an outbreak of swine flu

Monthly Activity Planner Popular

To capture BoM, planning, admninistration and other activities by month / term

NCSE SNA Report Popular

Form to be filled in for each child supported.

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