30th Nov 2021: Guidance for school leaders re. face masks

A Chairde,

As you are aware, last week NPHET made a recommendation that face masks be worn by primary school children in classes from 3rd to 6th. The Cabinet considered that recommendation today and approved the implementation of this measure. Guidelines issued from the DE to schools this evening in this regard. The guidelines stipulate that all children in these classes are required to wear face masks unless they are entitled to be exempt from doing so as detailed in specific criteria.


It is important that schools take time to consider the guidelines and to agree a plan of action with their Boards of Management to ensure the appropriate implementation of this measure in the context of better ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our school communities. Schools should focus in the coming days on encouraging and supporting the members of the school community with regard to the implementation of this Public Health measure while further guidance is awaited.

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